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What bankruptcy can offer:

    • Elimination of credit card / medical debt.
    • Elimination of debt arising out of car repossession.
    • Opportunity to restructure car loans (reduce interest rates and lengthen time period) (in a chapter 13 only).
    • Stop wage garnishments.
    • Stop lawsuits.
    • Eliminate second mortgages (in chapter 13 only).
    • Keep your business and get rid of business debt.
    • Get rid of some taxes.
    • Call and find out if what you need can be accomplished with a bankruptcy.

imgDo I Need a Lawyer

Like many areas of the law, you are not required to have an attorney to file for bankruptcy. However, there are many things that can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing. There are good legal self-help guides ( The problem is that even though the bankruptcy is filed using forms that while not simple, could be filled out. The questions use technical language that has legal meaning that may be different from plain English. There are cases that have interpreted what things actually mean. There is also local custom as to what is proper or not. You need an experience LOCAL bankruptcy attorney to review these with you. There are questions that are not on the forms, but that need to be asked, otherwise, there can be serious consequences. Most attorneys will give you a free consultation. Do not assume that your case is "easy" or "expensive". Find out by calling today.

imgList of Information to give your attorney:

The following are some of the things I will ask you to provide at our first meeting.
    • 6 months of paystubs.
    • 6 month business income and expenses statement (cash flow).
    • Mortgage statements.
    • Car loan statement.
    • IRS Notice.
    • Notice of Default on Mortgage (or notice of sale).
    • List of credit card debt.
    • Information if you have it about the value of home and cars.
    • Copy of any lawsuit you have been served with.
    • List of bank accounts and balances.

imgCredit Counseling:

Bankruptcy law requires you in most cases to obtain a credit counseling certificate before the case can be filed. An additional certificate will be required in order to obtain the Discharge before the case can be closed. Here is a list of links for the credit counseling:


Post – Filing, Pre Discharge counseling

This firm is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.