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Darya  S. Druch, Attorney, Attorneys & Lawyers, Oakland, CA


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Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer:

imgDarya Sara Druch

I have been a full time bankruptcy attorney since 1988 working in all fields of bankruptcy. My firm’s focus is on giving excellent and personalized care to all bankruptcy seekers. I represent individuals and companies that want to file for bankruptcy to discharge or reorganize their debts in all types of bankruptcy. I also handle bankruptcy litigation when necessary to protect clients from fraud claims and in attempts to discharge student loans in cases of disability and hardship.

imgBankruptcy Types:

imgChapter 7

Allows discharge (elimination) of most unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills and certain taxes and gives temporary halt to collection activity on debts that cannot be discharged (certain taxes, mortgage arrears if you plan to keep the house).

imgChapter 13

Allows discharge (elimination) of unsecured debts and allows for restructuring payments on debts that cannot be discharged such as certain taxes, mortgage arrears and car loan payments. In a chapter 13 car loans can be restructured. Additionally second mortgages (equity lines) can be eliminated on houses where property is worth less than the balance owed on the first mortgage. Chapter 13 is available with people with regular income and with debts below certain limits (currently $1, 080,400 in secured debts and $360,475 in unsecured debts).

imgChapter 11

This is generally a business bankruptcy that can be used by individuals if the debts exceed the limits available for a chapter 13. Unlike the chapter 13, the creditors in a chapter 11 vote on the plan, consequently making it much hard to obtain. This chapter is complicated and expensive and not a good fit for most people.

imgIs Bankruptcy Right for Me?

imgQuestions to ask to see if bankruptcy is right for you:

Ask yourself the following questions to see if bankruptcy may provide a solution.

    1. Are my wages being garnished?
    2. Am I paying all my bills but have no money left at the end of the month?
    3. Am I only paying the minimum on my credit card, but still have no money?
    4. Is my house worth less than what I owe on it?
    5. If I have a second mortgage or line of credit, is my house worth less than what I owe on the first mortgage?
    6. Do I owe taxes from a long time ago?
    7. Are my student loans demanding more from me than I can afford to pay?
    8. Have credit cards judgments put liens on my house?
    9. Do I have unpaid bills that I cannot pay?
    10. Has illness/unemployment/divorce left me in an impossible financial situation?

These are some but not all of the reasons people file for Bankruptcy. Please call today to see if in your particular situation, Bankruptcy can help. 

imgDon’t Be Afraid to Call

Do not assume that you cannot afford to file for bankruptcy or that it is not available to you. Creditors want you to think that bankruptcy was "eliminated" -it was not. In 2005 Congress added various "roadblocks" to filing, but did not eliminate bankruptcy. These roadblocks, such as credit counseling, and a "means test", do not stop the vast majority of cases. If you want to see if bankruptcy is right for you, call or email me, and we will together look at your situation and find the right solution. The call and initial consultation is free. Do not be afraid to make the call towards a new beginning.

This firm is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.